About us

TUONG VIET has over 21 year experience in supplying, installation and maintenance of power generators, elevators, air-conditioning systems, sanitary wares and furniture and real estate fields.

Proud to be the leading equipment supplier and contractor in Vietnam market, TUONG VIET has been distributing generators, elevators, air-conditioning systems, sanitary wares, furniture imported from the most widely known brands all over the world to hundreds of large-scale projects in commercial, manufacturing, telecommunication, healthcare, education, banking... sectors and has always been highly trusted by customers.

Having the enthusiastic, active and professional staffs trained by experts from manufacturers, working with high responsibility, we believe that we always find out the best solutions with the highest reliability and the lowest cost.

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Hansgrohe / Duravit Sanitary Wares and Fittings Showroom

TOTO Sanitary Wares and Fittings Showroom

In the generating set business field

We have over 21 year experience in supply and installation of generating set.

We are glad to introduce you that we are a legal distributor of FG Wilson in Vietnam and that we supply FG Wilson generating set made in UK using standby power in case of out of power in peak hour, dry season,…

In the elevator business field

We see that the elevator shopping demand in Viet Nam increase rapidly in the coming years due to Viet Nam’s economic growth, many large investment projects in infrastructure, new urban areas,high-end condominium, commercial center are built more. Besides, many private house also use the elevator for elderly easily to move and for the comforts of live. Our company has imported the elevator with many features, various designs and safety for the user to meet the increasing demands.

We are the agent of Mitsubishi Vietnam elevator, according to Japanese standards.

In the Sanitary Wares and Fittings field

Sanitary Wares and Fittings are essential products of daily life for each of us, so our company has been in operation for providing Sanitary Wares and Fittings. With quality life tendency respect the simple value, therefore products, which our company has chosen, is tendentious to harmony, subtle and simple but no less luxurious.